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The talent landscape is changing rapidly. Traditional hiring methods often struggle to keep pace with technological advancements and labor shortages, leaving companies with less-than-ideal outcomes. Resource constraints like budget, time limitations, and cultural considerations further complicate the hiring process.

At 3PRO, we address these challenges head-on. We've developed a unique approach that goes beyond simply identifying candidates with the necessary technical skills. We believe a strong cultural fit and behavioral aptitude are equally important for building successful teams.

Our approach utilizes emotional intelligence benchmarks to assess a candidate's ability to thrive in either ambiguous or structured environments. We look for potential, not just past performance, and comprehensively evaluate how well a candidate aligns with your company culture, decision-making style, and team dynamics.

People, Process, and Technology.


Cognitive Psychology.

Your bias is your blindspot.

Biased by your experience, by your systems, by your people, and by your company's culture.

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Value realization done different

We will lead with empathy

We know that our clients bring their whole self to work. Any number of personal, professional, or macroeconomic pressures can impact the way decisions are made in business. By leveraging our understanding of cognitive psychology, we can influence effective behavior.

We will create certainty

Part of recognizing the human element means that we understand the role emotions play in the decision making process. We take the time to root out recommendations in data which allows us to draw out bias and shift into a higher level of reasoning and decision-making; thus resulting in improved certainty of outcomes.

We will deliver results

Empathy and certainty are the foundation for delivering results. However, it is our identification with capital, our radical transparency, and our relentless pursuit of realizing the intended business value that allow us to consistently deliver results.

3PRO offers a multitude of talent and hiring capabilities

Talent Acquisition

  • Contract

  • Contract-to-Hire

  • Permanent and Executive Placement

Talent Retention

  • Training

  • Coaching

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