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About us

Not just business; it's personal

3PRO, on the 20+ year foundation of Method360, was founded to intentionally serve growth companies and the unique challenges they face. By leveraging Method360's expertise in data and analytics, we empower clients by incorporating the research of cognitive psychology into improving client outcomes.


We are seeking to improve our clients' abilities to build effective teams, whether permanent or temporary.

Our mission

3PRO's mission is to reduce the risk in talent acquisition by improving our clients' ability to deploy effective teams, whether across full-time or contracted staff.


Most traditional hiring and recruiting practices are insufficient to keep up with technology advancements and labor shortages, leaving clients with a lesser outcome. These firms recruit and hire in isolation with a sole focus on tangible credentials, whether that be technical skills, hard skills, or resume keywords. However, by only looking at past performance benchmarks, traditional practices cannot validate readiness and evaluate individual competencies. 

Along with these natural challenges working with traditional hiring practices, clients also deal with intensive constraints like money, time, people, and cultural requirements. 

We at 3PRO have created a technical foundation with appropriate intangible behavioral requirements to ensure maximum value is realized for the client. We identify personnel with a foundation of hard skills as seen with other practices, but we emphasize a required behavioral fit through emotional intelligence benchmarks and on their ability to work in either ambiguous or finite environments.  

We identify fit based on their potential, not just their past performance. We comprehensively evaluate individuals on their fit according to company culture, decision making style, and their ability to work in a team dynamic.  

Our promise

We will lead with empathy

We know that our clients bring their whole self to work. Any number of personal, professional, or macroeconomic pressures can impact the way decisions are made in business. By leveraging our understanding of cognitive psychology, we can influence effective behavior.

We will create certainty

Part of recognizing the human element means that we understand the role emotions play in the decision making process. We take the time to root out recommendations in data which allows us to draw out bias and shift into a higher level of reasoning and decision-making; thus resulting in improved certainty of outcomes.

We will deliver results

Empathy and certainty are the foundation for delivering results. However, it is our identification with capital, our radical transparency, and our relentless pursuit of realizing the intended business value that allow us to consistently deliver results.

Our values unite us, our culture defines us

By living our values every day, we create a workplace where everyone feels welcome, respected, and supported. We encourage collaboration and innovation, and we empower our people to pursue their passions and be their authentic selves. After all, our people are the heart and soul of 3PRO.


Meritocracy. We are defined by what we do. 

Innovation. We are defined by our original and creative ideas.

Behavioral Insight. We are committed to the advanced understanding of human behavior through the study of cognitive psychology and behavioral economics.

Transparency. We value deep intellectual honesty and communicate facts plainly in a straightforward manner.

Method360. We take a holistic view of the challenge and embrace grounding our challenges in facts. We are committed in seeing the problems our clients face from their perspective and will communicate to them directly. Simply put, we put our clients' interests ahead of our own. 

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