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Not Just Business;
It's Personal

3PRO, on the 20+ year foundation of Method360, was founded to intentionally serve growth companies and the unique challenges they face. By leveraging Method360's expertise in data and analytics, we empower clients by incorporating the research of cognitive psychology into improving client outcomes.


We are seeking to improve our clients' abilities to build effective teams, whether permanent or temporary.

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As a Method360 Group company, we believe that through the understanding of bias and behavior we can improve relationships, business, and society. We have embedded this into everything we do. 

It is our mission to bring people to the full realization of their potential. We do this through cultivating a mutual understanding of our talents' communication strengths, our clients' culture, and the technical requirements of the problem to be solved.

We can offer the right contractual model to meet whatever your needs may be. 

Talent Acquisition

Talent Retention

Executive Placement

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